We asked Richard Boeser (the ibb and obb guy!) if he liked to design a flyer for us and he said yes! He even created a font for it. After a few sketches he came up with the design below in which he aims to show the passion, creativity but also the perseverance and hardships of the game designers. After a couple of different colour sketches we decided on this one.

As we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to share their attendance on the social platform of their choice, we created an Indie Game: The Movie event on the different social networks. Richard offered to make a dedicated design for every event. So there you have it! Click on the designs below to see the flyers and banners up close and personal.

Hello! This 'we', is who? Glad you asked!
'We' is a rag-tag group of people with a passion for (indie) games, a love for bringing people together and with an aim to promote the craft of game development as part of the creative industries. We want to bring indie games and design to the attention of a wider audience.

Indie games are currently seen as the bright new generation of games that have room for experimentation and innovation, opposed to the big mainstream titles that seem to mostly run on sequels. Indie game developers challenge themselves to innovate, experiment with new game mechanics, gameplay and stories. They challenge the status-quo and redefine the medium in the process.

The Dutch games industry is blossoming with independent (indie) game companies popping up all over the country and local 'indies' making a name for themselves worldwide with IGF nominations, Award winnings etc. 
But designing games is not easy, it involves a lot of passion, creativity and perseverance from the makers. We feel IG:TM gives a glimpse into this world of independent game development, its makers, the hardships, obstacles and passion. We felt we had to share this with as many people as we can. And of course we wanted to show this in a proper film theater. So there you have it. A screening of Indie Game: The Movie in Film theater 't Hoogt.

Everyone invited
Utrecht is centrally located and has an active indie game dev scene, we expect a lot of gamedevs will turn up to watch the show and hope a whole bunch of other creative and not-so creative types will join as well! You really should. There is lots of time to go drink some 'biertjes' in De Bastaard after the screening, to discuss and mingle.

But wait there is more!
Also: we will not be finished after this screening, we have something else planned on a later date, but.. more on that later!

- Z/ P/ L/ K

Below you will find short descriptions of the mysterious 'we' that got together to bring you this screening:

zo-ii is founded by Zuraida Buter and based in Amsterdam. With zo-ii, Zuraida develops indie game event- & playful concepts and organizes & curates events such as game jams, festivals, exhibitions, showcases and talks.

Zuraida is widely connected and known to be a fan of traveling abroad to attend game conferences and playful festivals, so you might have spotted a green hat + camera somewhere around the world. Oh, she also organizes Global Game Jam worldwide and loves weirdly designed books.

DGA Development Sig was recently initiated by Peter de Jong as part of the Dutch Games Association. The goal of the group is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas between game developers. 

Peter de Jong is the bosslike person of Codeglue in Rotterdam, a Dutch game development company and publisher of casually connected games.

Liselore Goedhart also goes by the name of lizzywanders and is a co-founder of Monobanda in Utrecht, illustrator and game designer. She is known for her cute, organic designs and critical eye. Liselore was a Visual Art judge at this year’s IGF.
When she is not designing you can find her chasing down cats to cuddle them or diving into science fiction.

Kitty Calis is marketing and project manager at Control, the Dutch magazine for game developers. Recently she started writing news posts for the website and set her first few steps designing games together with Jan Willem Nijman
She organizes Utrecht Indie Meetups and you might have spotted her face and fingers trying to tackle a game of Fingle in the game's trailer.

We are grateful to have secured support from Dutch Game Garden to screen Indie Game: The Movie and enable a lower price for the tickets!

Go grab your ticket now here.

Dutch Game Garden is a hub for game development in the city center of Utrecht. It provides wide-ranging support for starting and established game developers that are located in the Netherlands. They also organize seminars, workshops, summer schools and much more.

We're happy to announce that we have found a location for the premiere screening of Indie Game: The Movie in The Netherlands: 

t Hoogt is a cosy film theatre located in the heart of Utrecht and screens special movies from all over the world. 

t Hoogt:

Hoogt 4
3512 GW Utrecht
Phone: 0031 (0)30 231 22 16
Fax: 0031 (0)30 231 29 40